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Boost website speed

Varnish Caching enhances your website’s speed upto 1000% and enhance your website’s performance through its state of the art caching layer. Our Hosting Plans comes with varnish caching which helps improves your website’s ranking on search engines.

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Data Mirroring

Through our state-of-the-art infrastructure we ensure the protection of your data. To ensure the protection in the event of any hardware issues our Cloud Hosting Services are mirrored across 3 distinct devices on multiple drives.

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Instantly Scalable Cloud Hosting Service

We provide you with the easy scalability to handle rapidly growing traffic with the increase in your business. It allows you to add bandwidth, storage, or other resources instantly by upgrading your CPU and RAM in just one click.

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24X7 Support

Enjoy our round-the-clock expert support for your business to ensure uninterrupted services. Our in-house team of experts is dedicated to solving your problems 24/7. We offer the best help desk support to answer your questions and get you started.

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Cloud Hosting with Fixed Billing

Simple and easy billing without any hidden charges. Only pay for what you are getting and that is possible with our up-front pricing that allows you to pay for the duration you want to use the product and and renew if you have a good experience.

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Simplified Cloud Hosting

Whether managing your email accounts, domains & orders, all have been made super easy because of our FREE cPanel. It hardly take few minutes in setting up your Cloud Hosting package and getting your website on the cloud.

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Instant Setup

You can use your hosting plan, right after your purchase is done. We are continuously working to improve the setup time for a better experience. Use the “Quick Install” option to get CMS/e-commerce or forum scripts.

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Cloud Hosting is a new form of web hosting working on the idea of ‘Divide and Rule’ – separation of resources is allowed by a virtualization layer to fulfill the requirements of server across instances and/or devices and this is connected entity is called a ‘Cloud’. This design enables Cloud to scale & offer higher protection against isolated device failure.

A website hosted on a Shared Hosting Server Shares resources such as Storage, RAM and CPU with many other sites, that could range from a few to hundreds, but is limited by hardware limitations on that device. On the contrary, our Cloud Hosting Services offer a nearly unlimited ability to handle traffic spikes because of a virtualization layer with a separate CEPH storage cluster and upgradable CPU Core and RAM model. If one storage instance is rendered inaccessible, the other instances will be able to serve the stored information due to the 3N redundancy.

Varnish cache is a web application accelerator that increases the speed of your website by up to 1000 percent. It is usually used for content heavy websites. Top 10k websites with high traffic are using caching including Wikipedia and many other news sites like The New York Times, The Guardian, Tribune, The Hindu, etc. Caching is also used by the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Tumlr.

Maximum reliability is ensured by our Cloud Hosting Services by automatically distributing three data mirrored copies across multiple devices for data safety. Hosting every website on a virtual partition of multiple physical servers draws resources like disk space and bandwidth from these.

We use Ceph Storage which provides a 3N level of redundancy. In regards to computing, it is completely distributed without any point of failure, scalable to the exabyte level and also freely available. It also replicates data and makes it fault-tolerant, and requires no specific hardware support. Ceph is designed to be both self-healing and self-managing, thus aiming to minimize administration time and other costs.

Yes, each order of our Cloud Hosting Plans can have a maximum of 8 GB RAM and 8 CPU cores.

Yes, a support ticket can be raised to get additional dedicated IPs at an affordable price.

The process of installing the Free SSL on your hosting package is very simple and convenient. A detailed step by step guidance is provided on how this can be done.

Yes, ‘Quick Install’ will be provided to you, accessible from cPanel on your Cloud Hosting package.

We have optimized our Cloud Hosting Services as per your need, so it recommended to pick a plan which is most suitable for you. Upgrading or degrading between the plans is not possible, however, additional RAM and CPU cores can be purchased to your current plan.

Yes, our support team will be there 24/7 to provide you with the help you may require to move your cPanel accounts on our Cloud Hosting.

Weekly backups are maintained, and on you request, for a fee, we may be able to recover or restore your web, email, and database content if available. However, It is advised to take complete responsibility of your own backup and better NOT to depend on us to keep copies of your content safe. CodeGuard can also be used to set up automated backups.

We provide 30-day Money Back Guarantee with all our Cloud Hosting services.

Yes, an email hosting is provided through cPanel on all our Cloud Hosting Plans with a storage limit of 10 GB. G Suite by Google or our Business Email can be opted for more advanced email solutions.